Pinnaplasty means a plastic surgery operation on the external ears the penny. There may be a number of reasons why you want to operate on the ears, the most common is what we used to call batias or prominent ears.

Where the ears may be misshapen and sometimes there may be a certain part of the ear that is not quite right. So you have to be able to understand how the ear is formed and the shape of the normal ear to be able to correct it.

I was trained in both the UK and overseas, particularly in Paris on how to create ears for patients who don’t have any. Why would you not have any ears? It could be that they were removed by injury or they were removed by surgery if there was a tumor or simply that you were born without external ears.

Some of the best ways to create an ear involved more than one procedure, and to carve the ear shape, and then placing it onto the outside of the scalp. Where the ear should be that’s a much more involved and intensive series of operations.

More commonly I treat patients who’ve got prominent ears, who’ve got large ears, who’ve got asymmetrical ears, or who’ve got bits of the ear missing. Basically, we would have to have an assessment, and a consultation to find out what is not quite right and then I will discuss with you ways to treat it.

There are classical operations that work really well, I have actually, my own technique that’s published that I believe is as good as or Superior to traditional techniques, Also safer.

I can undertake prominentary expression surgery for patients under general anesthetic in the hospital but I can also treat you in the local anesthetic as an outpatient in the clinic.