I had closed rhinoplasty with Mr Ahmad almost two months ago. I am extremely happy with the result. I had wanted to have the nose-job since I was 18 years old. I had always been very conscious about the size of my nose. I started doing some proper research on rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty surgeons in the UK two years ago when I saved up enough money for the surgery. Since rhinoplasty is the most complicated plastic surgery, I wanted to find an expert who specialises in rhinoplasty, 100% qualified and very experienced and has good aesthetics. Then I found Mr Ahmad, who ticks all the boxes. I had two consultations with Mr Ahmad before the procedure. Mr Ahmad was very friendly and listened to all my concerns (i.e. the potential droopiness of the dip of the nose and scars) and my expectations (narrower nose base, slimmer nose tip). He came up with a plan that addressed all these issues. On the day of the procedure, Mr Ahmad came and talked to me again before the surgery to make sure that I fully understand the procedure and checked up on me the next day, which really calmed me down and was very reassuring. I was surprised that I didn’t have any bruises on my face like other people who undergo the same procedure do. More importantly, there are no scars!!! This is all due to Mr Ahmad’s amazing skills. Now It is my 6th-week post-operation. The swellings are all gone. Nobody could tell that I had a nose job, including close friends and family. Some of them commented that I “look good” or “fresh” and others ask if I have lost weight. Mr Ahmad said my nose will keep looking better! I just can’t recommend Mr Ahmad enough. I am not sure if I would have another plastic surgery. However, if I do I would definitely come back to Mr Ahmad as I feel 100% confident that I will in the expert’s hand.
At Cambridge Clear Beauty we know you want to live a happy, confident life to its fullest. However, not everyone is happy with the shape of their nose, and this can even cause difficulty breathing. This can make you shy away from the camera and feel uncomfortable. This is just plain wrong. We believe everyone should feel confident and comfortable in their own skin and breathe easy. Regain your self confidence and never let your nose stop you from living your perfect lifestyle.