What is the best approach for tear troughs?

The tear trough is a furrow where the tissue fullness seen in youth has been lost. This can be from ones lifestyle, or contributed by ones genetic makeup; sometimes it is simply the effects of the passage of time. There is usually a loss of fat and so my preferred technique is to replace the fat and what better place to get the fat from than from the adjacent areas in the lower Eyelid where there may be an excess or bulging of fat from the fat pads or Eyelid bags under the eyes. Historically surgeons remove the fat from the bags under the eyes but more and more I prefer to move it from where it is unsightly and producing a bulge to where it can help to soften the depression of the tear trough. Alternatively it is possible to place fat as a graft from elsewhere but this needs careful and deep placement otherwise the result may not be smooth. For some people a filler may be used.

The eyes are usually the first thing you notice about someone and as they often reveal the early signs of ageing, Mr Ahmad sees many men and women seeking treatment to improve the appearance of the eye area. On the upper lid, the issue is folding, creasing and hooding which obscures the natural shape of the eyelid, and on the lower lid, it is usually a case of bagging and pouching as the skin and muscles become more lax. Eyelid surgery, known as a blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can tackle either the upper or lower lid or both, depending on the patient’s individual requirements. There are certain things that eyelid surgery can’t achieve, such as remove dark circles, eradicate crow’s feet around the eyes, or tackle a drooping brow, but Mr Ahmad will explain this all fully at the consultation. There are a number of alternative procedures he can offer aimed at treating these concerns.