Excellent! Mr. Ahmad did an amazing job sculping my now perfect breast. From the very start of my journey - with questions, concerns, and a little hesitancy to hear truthful answers - he listened. Mr. Ahmad was also personable and professional. I would highly recommend him if you're considering a breast reduction procedure...or any medical aesthetics all! He also has an amazing team of wonderful ladies! Looking forward to booking yet another treatment with this office.
During a breast reduction procedure Mr. Ahmad prefers, where appropriate, to use a modification of the Hall-Findlay technique. This technique utilises a smaller incision which means limited scarring afterwards. The incision extends around the nipple and then down from the base of the nipple to the natural fold under the breast. This is called a ‘lollipop’ scar. For some patients, it is necessary to make a very small incision along the crease as well. Mr Ahmad finds this technique offers patients the most natural and aesthetically attractive shape to the breast. A breast reduction is performed under general Anaesthetic and you will probably have to stay in hospital overnight before being discharged.