2nd session of Morpheous8 at Cambridge Clear Beauty. I was kept well informed at every stage and was impressed by the care I received.
Morpheus8 is a revolutionary treatment which fractionally remodels and contours your face and body using microneedling and radio frequency by penetrating deep into your skin and fat and giving you an enviable smooth and sleek appearance. Results from Morpheus8 become noticeable after just a few days and will be close to their very best after around three weeks, although you will continue to notice improvements for up to three months after your treatment. Morpheus 8 is safe and effective for all skin types and we would recommend 2-3 courses of treatment for the best, most effective results. If you are looking for a solution to severe cellulite, we offer CelluTite treatment at Cambridge Clear Beauty which usually has a treatment time of four hours. Contact us to find out more.