Excellent treatment and highly recommended.
Classically, dermal fillers have been used for decades simply to fill in defects or depressions; to add to the volume of facial tissues but both fillers and, in particular, filler placement techniques are continuously being improved. A full knowledge of facial anatomy including the blood supply, nerves, the fat pads and ligaments of the face is essential to be able to maximise the advantage of filler treatment. The ‘7 point shape’ facelift technique utilises this knowledge and, progressing on from that, the so called ‘MD Codes’ is one of the latest methodologies of facial filler rejuvenation. Different fillers can be used but at Cambridge Clear Beauty we offer the latest Vycross range of fillers from Allergan. These fillers come in several varieties each with slightly different properties for different parts of the face and produce slightly different outcomes but all restore volume and help lift the tissues.