Let’s raise a cheer to help Andy Murray on his quest to get back into fitness and take British tennis forward for the present and next generation. He did remarkably well in this year’s Wimbledon, considering all the injuries and surgery he’s been going through. Now you might also have seen his mother who’s always been there for him, but she has made the news herself recently. She has had a fantastic treatment to light up her face and complexion with the Morpheus8 specialists, a revolutionary treatment for the skin. The Morpheus8 is an evidence-based treatment to rejuvenate, to tighten, to improve the complexion of the skin of the face and body. It’s usually undertaken as a series of three session separated 6 to 12 weeks apart under local Anaesthetic as an outpatient.

We’re excited to offer this treatment for patients here at Cambridge Clear Beauty. Mr Ahmad has trained with the most experienced Morpheus8 specialists in the UK (and overseas). He has spent time with the team who treated Judy Murray and so is delighted to be able to offer treatment for his patients here.

Should you want to learn more about the Morpheus8 treatment, we have some Morpheus8 FAQs which you might find useful.

If you have any concerns or want to find out more about facial skin health, skin ageing and skin rejuvenation, well it is now possible rejuvenate the face and neck without necessarily resorting to surgery, then why not give us a call? These new treatments include the Morpheus8, Face Tite & Forma. We so look forward to welcoming and being able to help you!