Here at Cambridge Clear Beauty, our leading surgeon, Dr Tariq Ahmad is always seeking the best possible solutions out there to not only enhance his skill set but also stay up to date with current market trends and that includes Motiva Implants The goal for both the above is almost always the same: To better serve his patients and offer the ideal treatments and better results every time.

With this in mind, our clinic and specifically Dr Ahmad, often attend a number of events nationwide to evaluate certain treatments first-hand and also speak to patients who have tried them as well as their creators.

This week, Dr Ahmad attended the London Business Summit and had the opportunity to speak directly to the CEO of Establishment Lbs (The parent company of Motiva Implants) about the efficacy and benefits of their implants.

Motiva Implants Cambridge Clear Beauty

Dr Ahmad with Juan José Chacón-Quirós, Founder & CEO of Motiva

Choosing to have breast surgery, whether that be an augmentation or enlargement with implants, is always a difficult and well thought of decision. It is hence key that you feel safe in putting your faith in both the expert team that will look after you throughout your experience but also the actual implants you have fitted which is why our leading surgeons work with Motiva breast implants.

Developed by Establishment Labs, Motiva breast implants help women around the world to achieve the look they want, whilst always placing utmost importance on both safety and customer care. In fact, after a six-year study, Motiva implant patients had zero double capsules, zero late seromas, a less than 1% capsular contracture rate, and high patient satisfaction.

Motiva Breast Implants Cambridge Clear Beauty

Whatever look you hope to achieve from breast surgery, using Motiva breast implants means you are likely to find the perfect shape to suit your needs. The Motiva Implant Matrix contains more than 500 different implant shapes, so you can be confident of finding your perfect match.

Made from world-class silicone gel, Motiva’s ProgressiveGel PLUS implants are 100% filled, 100% ultra-soft and 100% form-stable. The provide a youthful aesthetic with a medium profile, combining elasticity and firmness for a natural look and feel.

We are proud to be partnering with Motiva and as Dr Ahmad quoted:

They could be one of the safest breast implants available for women with a number of advantages including very natural feel and soft breasts. They also allow me to insert them with a much shorter length scar.”

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