If you’re looking into what we consider to be more serious surgery like a breast augmentation (using a general Anaesthetic versus a local) then here are some tips for you when it comes to recovering from the procedure. Every person is different and their body will react in different ways, however there are a number of predictable recovery stages that we can plan for.


These generally last for about three months. Immediately after the procedure, there is likely to be some pain, swelling and bruising. The pain should disappear quickly, but the swelling may take a couple of weeks to fully go down. One week off work would be advisable, as well as six weeks off from sport – especially anything high impact. After about three months 90% of the recovery process should be done.


  1. REST: Are you able to commit to the six week period of no-sport? Have you spoken to your work about time-off?


  1. PLANNING: Have you planned the first week or two after your procedure? Remember to book some time off work to rest and recover. We advise a week minimum, in order to support your recovery.


  1. PAIN MANAGEMENT: Naturally, there will be discomfort, pain and soreness after this procedure. It’s normal, but a little frustrating if you haven’t planned properly for it. Your surgeon can give you painkillers if needed, but if you want to take any more prescription-only medicine, you need to speak to your doctor first


  1. SCHEDULE POST-OP CHECK UPS IN GOOD TIME: It is vital to ensure that your body is healing how it should. Ensure that you speak with your surgeon about fitting this into your schedule.


  1. HAVE SOME HELP: If you’re running the household, a practical tip is to have some help from a friend or partner with basic chores that might put a strain on your body.


These would be our top 5 tips for recovery after breast augmentation but please do let us know if there are any alternatives that you have used or work for you.


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