Many people still have a bit of hesitation when it comes to the prospect of laser hair removal. When shaving, plucking and waxing have been tried and tested for so long, people often don’t consider switching to another alternative. For many people, the idea of laser hair removal may seem too new and complex and some assume a laser burning away their hair will be a somewhat intimidating or painful process. Laser hair removal isn’t nearly as complicated or scary as it sounds, however and there are many available options nowadays that are both pain-free and cost effective.

So let’s have a closer look at how laser hair removal works, how many treatments you may perhaps need, what types of laser treatments there are and equally importantly, what to expect after a procedure.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles with laser light, this light energy damages and eventually destroys the hair follicle, ensuring no hair ever emerges from the root. The light admits a strong beam of energy, which is absorbed by the follicle without affecting any of the surrounding skin tissue.

This whole process is called photo thermolysis, and is different from electrolysis which works by directing an electrical current into each individual hair follicle – a painful and lengthy process. Laser removal however, can target large areas of the body for hair removal and is effectively pain-free.

How many treatments will you need?

Most people start seeing results within 1-2 treatments, but for best results you will need 6-8 sessions spread over 12-16 months. The time-frame of permanent hair removal varies depending on hair and skin type, skin sensitivity and ethnic background.  The duration of each session will vary depending on the chosen area of hair removal. Treatment for a small area, such as the upper lip could take anywhere from 3-5 minutes, whereas larger areas like the leg could take 30-45 minutes.

Laser Hair Removal CCB

Are there different types of lasers?

There are various types of lasers used for hair removal, all of which have different qualities. At Cambridge Clear Beauty we use Lumenis Lightsheer® Desire, a state-of-the-art diode laser hand-piece. It has two specially tailored, inbuilt wavelengths that allow it to be adaptive to all skin types. We also have treatments starting from just £55, to book a consultation or learn more about our services, click here.

What to expect after treatment?

After treatment it is normal to experience some reddening or discolouring of the skin temporarily. This is because there has been a disruption to the blood flow in the surrounding area. It is recommended to avoid any direct heat to the skin for 48 hours following treatment, this includes: saunas, hot baths, tanning beds, or any direct, extended exposure from the sun. It is also recommended that you ideally wait 7-10 days before shaving the treated area, this is to ensure that you do not disrupt the shedding process that occurs as the hair begins to uplift from the root.

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