CLARIFYING FACIAL TREATMENTFor oily, acne prone, blemished skin

Revitalising deep cleansing glycolic acid peel procedure to remove impurities for a radiant, clean complexion. This treatment will provide balance, clarity and deep cleansing purification for the skin.

4 x 60 mins £420

10 x 60 mins £950

RADIANCE REVEALING TREATMENTFor dull skin with clogged pores

An individualised peel procedure focusing on the treatment of dull skin with clogged pores. Your skin will feel tighter and more radiant as the impurities from your pores are lifted.

4 x 60 mins £420

10 x 60 mins £950

MVP INDULGENCE ANTI-AGING TREATMENTFor photo-damaged, aging skin

The Ultimate Indulgence. This is a treatment that will help to reverse the effects of aging skin. A glycolic peel using a booster is applied to photo-damaged areas imparting softening, brightening, hydration and a youthful glow.

75 mins £115

4 x 75 mins £460

10 x 75 mins £990


This is a treatment for skin that has lost its vibrance due to hyper-pigmentation. The skin is exfoliated and prepped for a Revitalising Clarifying Peel. The skin should be soothed and the treatment is finished with a brightening complex and intensive moisturisers.

4 x 60 mins £420

10 x 60 mins £950

Other available treatments

Chemical peel

  • Glycolic from £200 per peel
  • Retinol from £250
  • TCA peel £850 Phenol £1000


  • £800

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