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We know that our patients don’t want to look different; they just want to look the very best they can. Optimal skin rejuvenation is achieved when we tackle all the signs of facial ageing, such as lines & wrinkles, sun damage and poor skin quality. We have a wide range of treatments at our disposal, including chemical peels, CACI skin rejuvenation and clinically-proven skincare, that are capable of delivering the results you want.

As with all of the treatments on offer at Cambridge Clear Beauty, we work strictly with the leading pharmaceutical providers.

We have a wide range of creams, ointments and pharmaceuticals can be used to treat: Overall Photodamage, Uneven Skin Tone, Dull Skin, Lines & Wrinkles, Dark Circles/Crow’s Feet, Lightening/Brightening, Rosacea/Redness, Dry/Scaly, Eczema Prone, Pre/Post Procedure, Hands & Body.

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Skin Rejuvenation

As well as NeoStrata Skin Rejuvenation products, you can revitalise stressed skin and fight the signs of ageing with the Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment. This powerful deep cleansing combines a clinically proven blend of concentrated Alpha and Polyhydroxy acids (AHA/PHA) that offer full-strength anti-aging benefits without irritation.

We also offer TCA and Phenol Chemical peels which are considered Medical Grade treatments and hence provided only by Mr Ahmad himself.

Founded in 1988 by Drs. Van Scott and Yu, co-inventors with more than 100 U.S. and foreign NeoStrata Skin Rejuvenation patents, NeoStrata Company, Inc. has a proud heritage of clinically-proven, dermatologist developed NeoStrata Skin Rejuvenation featuring unsurpassed Alpha Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy Acid technology. With a storied commitment to science, NeoStrata Company, Inc. develops and markets NeoStrata Skin Rejuvenation products with state-of-the-art technologies for doctor-dispensed NeoStrata and Exuviance. Highly regarded by skincare experts around the world, these brands can be found in our Clinics.

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NeoStrata Skin Rejuvenation cambridge


Over 500+operations performed

Mr Ahmad has over 25 years of experience in facial surgery and procedures. He operates on children born with cleft lip and palate so you can trust that he really knows the anatomy of your face.


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You can feel confident that he will take the time to understand your issues and be reassured that he has the experience to address your concerns. Have a look at our verified testimonials.

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Mr Ahmad will never push you to any procedure or treatment and our philosophy is to look after you before, during and after your treatment. Mr Ahmad will listen and give you the knowledge to make an informed decision, in your own time.

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