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LaserMe Non Ablative Skin Resurfacing Laser

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Laserme is a cutting-edge non-surgical skin resurfacing treatment designed to rejuvenate your skin. This innovative procedure delivers precise laser technology to target imperfections and enhance your skin's appearance. Whether you're aiming to revitalise your complexion, reduce fine lines, or achieve smoother skin texture, Laserme offers a solution tailored to your needs.
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LaserMe Benefits and Technical Features

LaserMe Non Ablative Skin Resurfacing LaserBook Consultation

At a glance

  • Used to improve A wide range of skin imperfections
  • Time in clinic 1hr30
  • Anaesthesia Local Anaesthetic
  • Hospital Stay No
  • Recovery A few days
  • Costs From £1,200 per session
  • Follow up up to 3 included
  • Does it last N/A
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