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Are you unhappy with the profile of the Labia Minora (inner lips), the tissue sitting in the intimate area of the Vulva? Some women can develop large, protruding or misshapen inner lips leading not only to embarrassment but also physical difficulties such chafing, catching on underwear and clothing.

The Labia can interfere with being able to participate comfortably in sport and other activities, including sex. It is understandable then that you might be very self- conscious, reluctant to fully participate in activities or even suffer an impact on intimacy in relationships. Labiaplasty is a modest procedure that can set things right; do let us help you to restore your confidence; you deserve to be able to live life to its fullest.Book Consultation

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There is a huge variation in the shape of the Labia Minora or inner lips; they can be large, uneven, hang down and look crinkly – all of these variations are normal but can get in the way of you being able to live your full life. Labiaplasty (Labia Minora Reduction) is a modest procedure which can address these issues but there are actually a number of ways to reshape the Labia Minora: Mr Ahmad will firstly discuss all your concerns before assessing you. He will then be able to offer you the best advice to address your own particular worries, tailored to your own anatomy. The procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia as well as with you asleep.

Mr Ahmad has performed hundreds of operations for patients and is adept at combining this experience and skill with an artistic eye, achieving a very beautiful and natural-looking result for his patients.

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At a glance

  • Used to improve profile of the Labia
  • Time in theatre 90 Minutes
  • Anaesthesia General or Local Anaesthetic
  • Hospital stay Day Case or Out Patient Stay
  • Recovery 2 Weeks
  • Costs From £4,300
  • Follow up up to 5 included
  • Does it last Yes

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Plastic Surgeon Tariq Ahmad


Over 30Years

Mr Ahmad has over 30 years of experience in facial surgery and procedures. He operates on children born with cleft lip and palate so you can trust that he really knows the anatomy of your face.


  • Plastic Surgeon Stars
  • 4.9

Based on 179 reviews

You can feel confident that he will take the time to understand your issues and be reassured that he has the experience to address your concerns. Have a look at our verified testimonials.

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Mr Ahmad will never push you to any procedure or treatment and our philosophy is to look after you before, during and after your treatment. Mr Ahmad will listen and give you the knowledge to make an informed decision, in your own time.


Click here the learn about Labiaplasty Aftercare

  • Bloodstained leakage common for a day or so after surgery
  • Bleeding can be controlled by gentle pressure with a pad for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Ice packs as well as oral analgaesia can be helpful
  • Non-stick pads rather than tampons which may get stuck to exudate or sutures
  • Loose clothing and very loose or no underwear
  • Gentle washing daily with shower head or salt baths; warm not hot water and antibiotic / emollient ointment after patting dry; avoid tampering fiddling with the tissues
  • Black or blue bruising may be present for 2 – 3 weeks
  • Swelling or distortion may last several weeks
  • Itching is common for 2 -3 weeks
  • High fibre diet or stool softeners; plenty of liquids to prevent constipation
  • No heavy exercise for 4 weeks; no intercourse for 6 weeks
  • Wounds can remain red and lumpy for several weeks or months
  • A small break or tear in the wound is can occur and usually heals spontaneously with continuing wound care


Labiaplasty surgery usually heals very well; however you should seek advice and call the hospital where surgery was performed for the following:

  • Increasing rather than decreasing swelling or pain on one side
  • Bleeding persists despite pressure with a pad for 10 – 15 minutes
  • High fever 38.5 °C or more
  • Offensive discoloured and malodourous discharge