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Chemical Peels

Glycolic Facial Peel

Glycolic peels can be layered or combined with additional factors if necessary, to improve skin clarity and pigmentation as well as reducing oiliness in those patients with acne tendency.

Retinol Facial Peel

Retinol peels are comfortable but do cause a reaction with some very gentle skin peeling for a few days only. They are one step up from glycolic acid peels but still in the ‘nutritive’ category.

TCA Facial Peel

TCA and phenol peels are deeper and remove the top layer of the skin just like in medical dermabrasion or derma sanding and ablative resurfacing skin lasers, and will involve some down time.

Illuminating Chemical Peels


This is a treatment for skin that has lost its vibrancy due to hyper-pigmentation. The skin is exfoliated and prepped for a Revitalising Clarifying Peel. The skin should be soothed and the treatment is finished with a brightening complex and intensive moisturisers.

Chemical Peels - MVP Indulgence


The Ultimate Indulgence. This is a treatment that will help to reverse the effects of aging skin. A glycolic peel using a booster is applied to photo-damaged areas imparting softening, brightening, hydration and a youthful glow.

Chemical Peels - Radiance


An individualised peel procedure focusing on the treatment of dull skin with clogged pores. Your skin will feel tighter and more radiant as the impurities from your pores are lifted.

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