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Glycolic Facial Peel – 2 stage

    • Stage 1 £125 per peel (first 1-4 peels, lower strength):
    • Stage 2 £200 per peel: (final peels, stronger by plastic surgeon)

A Glycolic Facial Peel can be layered or combined with additional factors if necessary, to improve skin clarity and pigmentation as well as reducing oiliness in those patients with acne tendency; usually I use citric acid (citrus fruits) or mandelic acid (from almonds). Normally glycolic acid peels would be undertaken as a series of six peels 3 – 6 weeks apart; the benefits start to show more once more than halfway through the series. There is little down time with glycolic acid peels, but it would be important to use the best formulation with optimal pH to optimise the efficacy. Glycolic acid is in fact from sugar cane rather than fruit.

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