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TCA Facial Peel

  • TCA facial peel £950 Phenol £1000:

TCA Facial Peel and Phenol peel are deeper and remove the top layer of the skin just like in medical dermabrasion or derma sanding and ablative resurfacing skin lasers. They will involve some down time as the facial skin will actually peel over the course of 5 – 7 or more days. Just as with ablative skin laser and dermabrasion the skin will be pink for some weeks after the peel and will need protection from sunlight.

They can also be used in weaker strengths perhaps as a series of three peels or as a one-off peel. They are best used after skin preparation either with a topical wash/gel or even with a series of glycolic acid peels first.

Again, the skin is best primed prior to a TCA peel for maximum efficacy and safety.

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