Patient’s guide to accessing our clinic…

Coronavirus Update & an Urgent Message from Cambridge Clear Beauty to All Our Patients & New Patients.

We would just like to say that we continue to support and remain committed to all our patients.

The best advice we have is that doctors should no longer be undertaking any non-essential treatments during this period and to reduce face to face consultations to a minimum.

There is going to be a heavy burden on the NHS to cope with the likely huge numbers of seriously ill patients coming its way but road traffic accidents, injuries, burns and cancers will still happen, and they need treating too. We all need to help each other so please, please let’s follow government guidelines and stay safe.

We hope you will stay loyal to us during this difficult time: we are still here for you as a Virtual Clinic. We will, of course, be happy to support any of our patients via telephone, email and Skype, video. We will be introducing electronic and Virtual Clinics so our Aesthetic Practitioner, Practice Manage and I myself will still be able to take calls and have consultations, just not face to face.

We will be happy to see new patients for full consultations as before, but again this will now be by video or telephone.

I would stress that if there are any urgent surgical problems that do need face to face consultation then of course we will make arrangements to see you or advise you. If you are running low on any of your skin care products, we will continue to be able to provide these for you.

We look forward to re-opening the Clinic physically, and hopefully in the not too distant future, until then, do please stay well and healthy.

Our very best wishes


Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

& the whole Team at Cambridge Clear Beauty.