How Does Fat-Grafting Work?

Well fat-grafting is where you take fat from one part of the body and Transplant it to another part of the body. It’s your own fat your own tissue so it can’t reject but it could fail historically.

People have tried just pacing a lot of fat from somewhere where it’s in accessed to somewhere where it was deficient. Now you’re taking the fat out of the body so it has no blood supply, it has no nutrition and putting it back in.

If you put a large amount of fat no blood flow will go to it. Go into it overnight, it tends to just die so we have to keep the transplanted fat alive and the way to do that is transfer it and place it within healthy tissue but in tiny amounts. Really like a millimetre thick now, these are so thin that the diffusion of oxygen from the healthy tissue around the transplanted thread of fat is sufficient to keep it alive. The body says wow what’s this doing here it’s got no blood supply so your own body will heal it.

Fat transfer is becoming increasingly popular as a natural way to restore volume, change shape or rejuvenate the face or body, without the need for an invasive surgical procedure or insertion of implants, synthetic filler or volumiser. The procedure involves injecting the patient's own fat, meaning no chance of an adverse a reaction. It also means that once the transferred fat is established in the new area of the body or face, then results will last for up to 10 years. For fat transfer to the breast, it is only possible to go up by one size, so if you want a larger augmentation, you may wish to consider breast implants.