Risks with breast fashion surgery?

Risk of any operation in breast fashion surgery include bleeding not life-threatening infection we do give you antibiotics scarring inevitable bruising temporary swelling temporary numbness and pain.

Now there are some special things about breast surgery because if you’re operating on the breast gland you will be cutting some of the nerve so I have to say to patients that the feeling in the nipple will be reduced, it’s rare to lose it completely on average with my technique you would end up with 65 of the feeling you had before surgery.

Losing the nipple itself is a risk if you did that I can make you a new one however that’s never happened so I think the risk of losing the nipple is less than one percent.

You may also lose the ability to breastfeed now those patients who have the big problem with large breasts usually don’t worry about that and sometimes you’re of an age that’s beyond that as in your family is complete but we have to say to you it could be affected.

That being said, I have had patients who have had breast reduction and gone on to breastfeed it’s always helpful but not always possible to have completed your family before surgery, but we can discuss all of that when you come to consultation in the clinic.