Will I need to do any form of maintenance post-treatment?

Morpheus8 induces a permanent improvement in skin laxity and subdermal fat remodeling however, the effects of age continue. At a minimum, we lose 1% of our collagen every year, and more can be lost if we do not invest in medical-grade skincare, sunscreen, or preventive treatments.

Patients are encouraged to continue using Morpheus8 one yearly treatment to keep the loss of collagen away.

As we get older, living our life to the fullest can be daunting as we struggle with our changing bodies - from sagging skin to wrinkles. You do not have to live with these imperfections, however, and we can help you get back to being the best you can be. Morpheus 8 will give you noticeable results after just a few days and improvements will continue for up to three months. The progressive treatment is suitable, safe and effective for all skin types.