Are there any non-surgical alternatives to facial rejuvenation surgery?

You will see from the popular media today that apart from surgery there is an increasing armamentarium for the cosmetic surgeon available to help enhance the face and one’s complexion. The techniques that I think work best include Botox, fillers, chemical peels, medical dermabrasion and skin lasers.

Some of these techniques are simply used in the outpatient clinic whilst others may require a local or even a general Anaesthetic; occasionally one of these modalities of treatment will be used in conjunction with a surgical procedure. Ideally your cosmetic surgeon should be experienced not just in operating so as to be able to provide a comprehensive range of techniques and modalities of treatment as pure surgery on its own may not be the best solution for you.

Hectic modern life means that with time the face loses volume leading to wrinkles and sagging. That’s upsetting because it can make you look older and tired, even when you are not. That’s not fair or right! The latest techniques for safely placing tissue fillers can help not only to restore what’s been lost: if you really know anatomy (hint - we do), fillers can be used to lift, to fill, to smooth. Get some of the old ‘you’ back so you can show off, not hide your charm and character!