What is medical dermabrasion and how is it used?

Dermabrasion works in a similar way to chemical peels and resurfacing skin lasers in removing the outer layer of the skin. There is a technique known as ‘microdermabrasion’ used in high street clinics that can improve the complexion of the skin by a sandblasting effect but usually this is temporary.

This should not be confused with medical or manual dermabrasion, sometimes referred to as dermasanding which needs an Anaesthetic, usually a local Anaesthetic. You can use special equipment in theatre, but in fact I learned my version of this technique from one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Paris. I used special sterilised silicon carbide paper and use this to sand down the skin; as I am doing this by hand I have good control over how much I do and how far I can safely go to achieve the best outcome. It is particularly good for wrinkles around the mouth and for some scars.

Hectic modern life means that with time the face loses volume leading to wrinkles and sagging. That’s upsetting because it can make you look older and tired, even when you are not. That’s not fair or right! The latest techniques for safely placing tissue fillers can help not only to restore what’s been lost: if you really know anatomy (hint - we do), fillers can be used to lift, to fill, to smooth. Get some of the old ‘you’ back so you can show off, not hide your charm and character!