Can Eyelid surgery deal with wrinkles around the eyes?

The wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes are improved and softened but not always removed unless a more aggressive operation is considered which partially divides the muscle causing these wrinkles. If a significant problem, then Botox is often the best solution either instead of or in conjunction with Eyelid surgery. Similarly Botox is effective in softening the wrinkles between the eyebrows but there is an advanced technique where the muscles causing these wrinkles can be removed via the upper Eyelid incision at the same time as upper Eyelid surgery, this can lead to the same effects as the Botox but is more permanent.

The eyes are usually the first thing you notice about someone and as they often reveal the early signs of ageing, Mr Ahmad sees many men and women seeking treatment to improve the appearance of the eye area. On the upper lid, the issue is folding, creasing and hooding which obscures the natural shape of the eyelid, and on the lower lid, it is usually a case of bagging and pouching as the skin and muscles become more lax. Eyelid surgery, known as a blepharoplasty, is a surgical procedure that can tackle either the upper or lower lid or both, depending on the patient’s individual requirements. There are certain things that eyelid surgery can’t achieve, such as remove dark circles, eradicate crow’s feet around the eyes, or tackle a drooping brow, but Mr Ahmad will explain this all fully at the consultation. There are a number of alternative procedures he can offer aimed at treating these concerns.