I nursed both my babies for around 2 years each. While nursing I was a dd. My breasts deflated to the point where I could see my rib cage and pectoral muscles on top. The bottom portion of my breast was so saggy that they folded in on themselves. I looked like a zombie! My bottom half is very curvaceous. I workout a lot and have big hips, a big butt, and a lot of muscle. This didn't match my undead looking breasts. I wanted enough implant to bring life to my top.

The surgery went really well. He put in 320 cc of anatomical polyurethane dual plane. I did have nausea but I expected that. The pain isn't that bad, it's a lot like having your milk come in but with an elephant on your chest. I get to wear this snazzy tape for a week then I transition to a support bra. I'm also wearing compression stockings and taking daily lovenox to prevent blood clots as I have APS. Overall the worst parts are bloating, nausea, and feeling useless. I can't hold my kids, cook, or clean. I'm just a sleepy blob on the couch. I do worry 320cc is too big. Hopefully it settles a lot!

I have to say I'm so happy I kept my nursing chair because sleeping there was relatively easy. I'm very nauseous and constipated so I stopped taking any pain meds other than Tylenol. Frankly throwing up through my tight chest is more painful than having proper pain relievers.

My 3 and 5 year old are not happy that I can't pick them up, so I am crushed about that.

Otherwise the pain is very easy to cope with.

I stopped taking narcotics day two so I could get my stomach on track. Frankly I can manage pain a lot better than nausea. After two natural child births, pain is really in perspective and ba pain isn't really that horrible. My bandages are falling apart so I put a sports bra on to help hold them on until I see the nurse in 2 days. The girls look huge! I wanted a big b to a small c, and the boob pics I sent in were all of small chested women. I'm trying not to judge it now as I know they are super swollen. Honestly they are so big and shiny that I'm renaming them the beacons of Gobdor. I took my kids out for brunch yesterday and some man with his family could not stop starring at me. It was very odd. I'll be a lot happier when the girls aren't so out there. Side note, I'm up 6 lbs of boob and bloating. It feels very unattractive. That plus not being able to wash or style my hair has me looking like Courteney Love. Yaaaaay :/.

I'm slightly nervous that my ps put in the wrong size. I said anywhere from 250-300 as long as my saggy girls were perked up. The final size was 320. My waist is 26 and now my chest is 36! They better shrink to a big B/ small C range. I'm not interested in too much attention.

The girls look really good. Well, they look like swollen torpedos but I think after they drop and fluff they should be exactly what I asked for. The incision almost made me pass out though. Its so gaping and purple and crusty! The doctor assured me it was normal so I asked her to cover them up again so I wouldn't have to see them too much. They're terrifying!

I've started walking my kids to school/ walking the dog. I typically walk 6-8 miles a day doing this. Its such a big part of how my family functions that I couldn't put it on hold that much longer. It hurts for sure as I'm off every pain medication, but my options are pretty limited.

I've started sleeping in bed (off the arm chair) again too, which is wonderful as I missed my husband. So pretty much life had returned to normal minus my workout and cleaning routine.

One small annoyance is I still can't cook! I can't lift mixing bowls or chop things. I'm glad I froze a ton of food to allow recovery time. I would definitely recommend that people freeze a couple week's worth of food. Takeaway definitely wouldn't help the healing process the way a proper, Veggie filled meal does.

Biofreeze is saving my back and ribs. Since I'm shying away from pain killers I am very sore. Biofreeze works a charm. I updated my review of the procedure to worth it. My husband looked at me in a way he hasn't for a long time. He's a great man but a terrible liar. I knew he wasn't digging my tube sock breasts. But today he had a big grin when I undressed. That grin was worth it.