Very professional advice and aftercare. Dr. Ahmed does know how to use your features to your advantage and accentuate them without looking fake. Incredibly pleased with the result of my 7 point shape. Painful procedure but worth it.
Mr Ahmad follows the techniques and has trained with the Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio who is one of the leading experts in the world in the use of fillers in facial rejuvenation. He has devised the MD Codes system which does require much more anatomical knowledge and specific training but can be used to create a more comprehensive full face rejuvenation, with attention to several areas but then resulting in an overall more significant yet natural aesthetic outcome in harmony with the dimensions of your face. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that you do not look artificial or ‘filled’. The Vycross range of fillers can last up to 9, 12, sometimes 18 months; duration of the improvement can be dependent on the type of filler and on where it is placed. You will need a detailed consultation to determine if this is the right treatment, and to individualise the treatment for you.