Mr Tariq Ahmad is very informative and has a lot of experience behind him, he really made me feel comfortable.

This site has helped me so, so much with research and preparing for surgery so I'd like to put my experience on here with the hope of helping someone else!

I am all booked in to have my rhinoplasty operation in less than 2 weeks which is very exciting but also scary as this is my first ever operation!!

I'll take you back to the start, I have wanted a nose job ever since I can remember, my nose was the first thing on my face to grow and it grew big!! As I have been 'blessed' with the family nose I was constantly being told I would grow into it, which is true to some extent but no where near as much as I would have liked. I have a very prominent tip and a large hump in the middle. ( I will post pictures later on)

So after years of saving I rushed into searching for a surgeon and booked in for a free consulation with a local branch of a national medical aesthetics company. They cancelled my appointment 3 times until I finally got in to see a surgeon (this should have been a warning sign), I walked into the consultation room, sat down and was asked why I was there (which I thought was pretty obvious) and was left to ask all my own questions, but being a newbie I literally had no idea what to ask or say so after less than 10 minutes of awkward questions I went on my way as I knew that it wasn't for me, if their aftercare was anything like the pre-care I knew I'd be in trouble!

I decided to spend a decent amount of time spread over a couple of weeks researching everything and I only looked for private surgeons on the BAAPS website. After much googling I decided to book a consultation with Mr Tariq Ahmad in the Peterborough Fitzwilliam hospital. This consulation couldn't have been more opposite to my previous one! He told me absolutely everything, took photos, had a really good look at my nose and drew diagrams to show me what he'd have to do to achieve my desired look, he even showed me a slideshow of what the surgery will be like! I was totally put at ease and knew straight away I wanted him to be my surgeon. He advised me to go away and think it all through for a month and come up with any questions and arrange a follow up consultation. In the next couple of days I received a letter from him almost 4 pages long with every detail of our chat with him which I was very impressed with! I booked in for a follow up consultation and got the last of my questions answered, he never once made me feel rushed or stupid for asking 'silly' questions (such as 'what if I wake up during surgery'). With my mind made up I called his secretary the next day to book an operation date and now I'm counting down the days until March 30th!!