Mr Ahmad was one in a million; he gave honest, clear advice about my problem and his recommended solution. He made sure that I understood everything and was happy for me to take as long as I wanted to decide on what was right for me. A surgeon of this quality, practising in Cambridge was a huge benefit to me and will be to anyone else who wants to make the best of themselves.

I have had eye bags for as long as I can remember, huge great massive ones that no amount of creams or treatment shifted. So I decided to go for it and have them removed. I spent about a year researching and plucking up the courage to have surgery. I chose to see Mr Tariq Ahmad in Cambridge, he was recommended by a GP and an Oculoplastic Surgeon, you can't get better than that, so I made a consultation appointment. And I was so pleased I did. He agreed that I did have eye bags and that he could improve them - a nice way of saying that he agreed with me and I did have big ones!

This is what Mr Ahmad said he was going to do - " full lower eyelid blepharoplasty to include a canthopexy to strengthen the lower eyelid, minor redundant muscle and appropriate skin trim, an arcus marginalis release and fat pad transposition to mobilise the fat pads causing the 'eyelid bags'. I will also hitch the lateral retinaculum and orbicularis muscle to support the lower eyelid and perhaps undertake a limited SOOF lift to further support the eyelid but also provide an element of cheek lift."

Phew, an awful lot. I wanted to feel impressed but I rather thought that my eye bags were perhaps worse than I thought. Good job I had already made the decision to have this operation.

We agreed a surgery date of 31st August 2016 and this is my story...

OPERATION DAY - Feeling apprehensive and nervous, I arrived at the hospital, ready to get this over with. I just couldn't wait. Bravely, I took a 'before' photo in the bathroom of my hospital room, just to remind myself of why I was doing this. I was having a General Anaesthetic so staying in overnight.

DAY 1 - Feeling battered and bruised but strangely in no pain. A weird feeling not being able to open my eyes fully. So ready to go home and be in my bed. Need to sleep sitting up for about a week and ice my eyes several times a day. I so want this to work so I'm going to doing everything I am told to do (even if that is sleep sitting up!!!)

DAY 3 - Ok, still no pain but so tender and sore around my eyes. The worst bit is the numbness down my right side of my face. The absolute BEST bit is that I can already see that my eye bags have gone - goodbye bags, I won't miss you!

DAY 5 - Bruising going down well. Quite a dry left eye and now using 'artificial tears' eye drops to soothe it. Still using an ice mask several times a day as this is very relieving. Not being to open my eyes fully is now VERY irritating and I can't wait until I get my stitches out tomorrow.

DAY 6 - Halleluiah, hooray, stitches are out - completely painless and took just a few minutes. Blink blink, my eyes work better now. I'm off home for a good look in the mirror. Still got a dry eye which is tiresome. The numbness is still there, should I be worried about that?

DAY 9 - I can really see what Mr Ahmad has done now. NO eye bags left and my face looks like it has had a mini face lift. Hello cheekbones, not seen you for a few years. Stood in front of the mirror and had a few tears. God, I love Mr Ahmad....

DAY 14 - Went for my follow-up appointment today. It went well and Mr Ahmad was pleased with progress so far. He explained exactly what he did, more importantly said the numbness was normal but would last a couple of months (max). My eyes are blinking at different speeds, the left one slower and doesn't close completely - which probably explains why it feels so dry. Just a matter of time before it sorts itself out - can it please hurry up!

I have my next follow up appointment in 4 weeks time and I will update this progress review then, but this is what I learnt so far:-

1. I hate sleeping upright
2. I didn't expect the numbness, I think this will make applying make-up tricky until it goes
3. A longer recovery period than initially thought
4. The blinking out of sync is off-putting to people looking at me
5. Amazingly no pain, only had a few paracetamols throughout the whole process so far

Would I do it again? YES
Would I recommend Mr Ahmad? OH YES

Day 20 Things are improving every day. The stitches in the corners of my eyes are still there and a bit tight so looking forward to them dropping out. I'm so please Mr Ahmad told me honestly about how long it takes for fully recovery, I saw on here where people had been told 2-3 weeks recovery; if I had believed that then I would be panicking now (like some people are). My goal is to see how I look at my 6 week review.

Day 23 The dissolvable stitches in my right eye all fell out today but still some in left eye. Left eye sore and still needs drops for dry eye, hoping this will improve when stitches go. Right eye very comfortable. Numbness improving, now localised to right side of nose and under both eyes.

Day 26 All going well. Still a couple of stitches left to dissolve (the white bits at the corner of my eye in the photo). I have a little "blink lag" in left eye and swelling/tenderness under both eyes. I'm happy so far and will update again after my next visit to surgeon which is at 6 weeks post op.

5 weeks puts op - bye bye bags Really really happy. Back at work now, right eye very good, left eye not far behind now. Still a little swollen and numb directly under the lower lashes but other than that, feeling great!

7 weeks post op I just thought I would do a quick update at 7 weeks and show you my before and after pictures. I saw my surgeon, Mr Ahmad, yesterday and he said all was going well but that I would see the full results after 12 weeks. Well I am delighted now so god knows what I will be like in 4 weeks time. It was well worth it and I would do it again. My eye bags were huge, the before picture was actually on a good day too! Mr Ahmad performed a miracle and I can't thank him enough.