Mr Ahmad was extremely helpful during our recent video consultation answering all of my questions. He explained in detail, with illustrations, how he would perform my upcoming procedures. He is an extremely talented surgeon and a perfectionist, doing everything to ensure the patient is completely satisfied throughout the whole surgery process. Thanking you!
If the scar has specific elements that are, for example, uneven, puckered, ridged, or with unsightly ‘cross-hatching’ left by the original sutures, then again with excision of the scar and meticulous technique, the scar should be able to be re-repaired and the appearance improved. Sometimes scars are stretched or thick. Obviously, a stretched scar might be able to be made finer, a thick scar usually is thick for a reason. The reason might be that there was infection after surgery, it was slow to heal or it could be due to the way your body heals; very thick scars are known as keloid scars. Keloid scars can also be improved but not in every case. If you have worries about scar, come and have a chat and Mr Ahmad will be happy to give you an honest assessment of what could be achieved to address your concerns and to make the scar look better.