Mr Ahmad was very informative and went through all of my options and gave me a clear understanding of any risks associated with all treatment options for scar revision and what I can expect to achieve from each. Mr Ahmad explained thoroughly the best option for me. I look forward to hearing from him to arrange my appointment for the treatment.
It is not possible to remove scars or make them invisible; however it is possible in a large percentage of patients to make the scars look better, neater, and more inconspicuous. The types of treatment options for scar revision vary as much as the variations in scars themselves; each scar requires individual assessment as to the best way to make it look better. If the wound resulting in your poor scar was not sutured, or if it was sutured with poor technique, then plastic surgical revision and so improvement of the scar might only need the scar to be excised and then the wound meticulously repaired with as much attention as possible paid to the closure technique by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Mr Ahmad has over 21 years’ experience; he chose those people he felt were the best in their fields to help train him and so he is so happy to use all that training and experience to good effect; individualised for your particular concerns.