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Surgery for moles is usually of two types, tangential shave with gentle cautery of the ‘root’, or by formally excising the moles or cutting them out with stitches. Tangential shave excision often results in the most inconspicuous blemish after treatment, sometimes it is even difficult to discern where the original blemish was. Not all moles are suitable for this category of treatment. The other technique of formal excision, or cutting out the mole, will result in a scar and you would then need stitches; then it is important to place the scar in the best possible orientation to maximise the chances of the most elegant and finest scar possible. These techniques need an informed eye and experienced hand; Mr Ahmad has over 21 years experience in this category of surgery; he will advise on the best option, individualised for you. At Cambridge Clear Beauty, we do not pressure any patient into taking things further and would not consider treatment until you are ready and happy to do so.