We’re really excited by the latest CoolSculpting news from the US: the FDA – America’s Food and Drug Administration – has extended its approval of the CoolSculpting procedure to include CoolMini treatment – a new product that will revolutionise the way you look.

After approving CoolSculpting in 2010 – and expanding that approval to thigh treatment last year – the add-on the FDA is referring to is the CoolMini – a smaller version of the CoolSculpting technology which is designed to hone in on smaller areas, such as double chins, underarms and necks.

Time to bin that double chin with the CoolMini Treatment

This makes it only the second product that the FDA has confirmed as a safe and effective treatment for double chins (and considering that the other one involves five monthly treatments consisting of as many as 50 injections in the chin area per session, is a lot less painless), and is a huge step forward for people who need the help that dieting and exercise can’t provide.

The FDA doesn’t approve new courses of treatment lightly: they insisted on a trial of the CoolMini consisting of as many as 60 people, male and female, before they gave their consent. The results?

“No significant adverse events were observed, and patients experienced little or no discomfort or downtime” claimed their report. “Patients in the study saw results at three weeks, but the best results were observed after one to three months.”

Take the necks step to the look you want

This approval of the CoolMini has not gone unnoticed by America’s beauty media, who are now claiming that the era of the turtle-neck sweater as neck-coverage is finally over.

Rest assured that we’ll be keeping tabs on this development as time goes on – and if you’re one of the 68% of the population who are unhappy with the line of your chin, maybe it’s time you booked a consultation with us and discover the benefits of CoolSculpting for yourself.