More and more people are getting wise to the benefits of CoolSculpting – the completely non-invasive fat removal solution to get rid of stubborn fat cells that refuse to shift in problem areas – and this recent article from Canada bears it out.

Two people from Toronto – one male, one female – were given the opportunity to undergo a CoolSculpting session for free, on the proviso that they would be completely honest about the results afterwards.

Unsurprisingly, both subjects opted for the traditional problem areas associated with their gender: the female targeted the thigh area, while the male wanted something done with his beer gut. Both were surprised – and delighted – with the results.

Sculpt while you sleep

The fat removal treatment, as standard, lasted an hour. Both subjects were surprised at how simple and relatively painless the procedure was: one watched videos on an iPad, while the other took the opportunity to have a cat-nap. “It was a great treatment!” said the female reviewer. “I did feel some slight discomfort at first, but after five minutes or so I was able to really relax. I’m really looking forward to seeing results.”

Two months later, both subjects checked in for a final report – and both were incredibly positive about the experience. “Since I’ve gotten the first treatment my confidence has totally been boosted,” claimed the female subject. “My pants are definitely looser around my thighs and I didn’t even have to change my diet and exercise schedule!”

Give CoolSculpting fat removal a try – you’ll be surprised

The male viewpoint? “At first I didn’t see any difference, but within the last two weeks I can really tell it worked. I’ve already scheduled another treatment session and I can’t stop telling my friends about CoolSculpting.”

We’re not surprised about their opinions about CoolSculpting fat removal, as we see similar reactions from many of our clients. If you need more information on what CoolSculpting can do for you, book a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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