There is so much out there in the media just now in relation to improving your looks, to rejuvenation of the profile of the face.
There’s a huge range of treatment options – some good, some perhaps not so good. There’s special skin care, 2 stitch facelift, Celluma LED Phototherapy, skin tightening, stem cells, lasers… even ‘thread lifts’… How can anyone sort the wheat from the chaff?

What exactly is a 2 stitch facelift?2 stitch facelift mini facelift cambridge

You may have heard of such a thing as a mini facelift – also known as a “2 stitch facelift”. Well, that is not a full face lift and, in any case, does not involve two stitches… certainly not in the hands of Mr Ahmad, Consultant Plastic surgeon and Director of the Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic. He prefers to simplify it and call it a ‘mini’ face lift. Every face lift involves a bit of a neck lift, and every neck lift involves a bit of a face lift; occasionally you might need a full face and neck lift all together.

Based at Cambridge Clear Beauty, Mr Ahmad trained for many years – decades, in fact – so that when it comes to the crunch he can offer and explain to you the complete range of options for facial rejuvenation, old and new – be it medical aesthetics, surgery, or both.

We can now answer to the question – yes! There is such a thing as a ‘two stitch’ face lift but it is better understood if we name it a ‘mini’ facelift but be aware there is a wide range of what is actually performed by different surgeons for the same named procedure. For Mr Ahmad it’s a result of incorporating many aspects of differing elements and techniques acquired, tailored, and modified as the years have gone by. So you can be sure, if you seek a consultation, that he will be able to advise you knowledgeably but also in layman’s terms so you can more easily understand it with the backup of explanatory patient information leaflets to take home.

The right cosmetic treatment for you

Here at Cambridge Clear Beauty, we would never push or try to persuade you into treatment. We always strive to inform but after that can Mr Ahmad can help tailor the most appropriate elements of the techniques that are available so that you can achieve the right outcome for you, considering where you are in the ageing process, what has impacted you over the years, and what you want to try to achieve, so that you can make the right choice for you. Then, and only then, would we want to go ahead, this is the foundation of our ethical policy so that you have enough time to reflect on the information we provided and that means that if you do decide to go ahead you can be confident that you have absolutely made the right choice for you.

Why not give us a call? There is never any pressure… and whatever you choose to do or not do… you will come out a better informed patient.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Clinic.

For information on Full Surgical Facelift, Mini Facelift – “2 Stitch Facelift”, Thread Lift and FaceTite – Non Surgical Face Lift you can contact us here.