If you needed any more proof of the benefits of CoolSculpting – the only non-invasive fat-reducing treatment approved by America’s FDA which can eliminate fat cells that exercise and diet can’t shift – you need to read this article on the Allure website, which shows that CoolSculpting has become an A-list treatment.

With award season fast approaching, the owner of an LA-based aesthetic clinic has let slip that their CoolSculpting equipment is fully booked months in advance by Hollywood actresses who want to look their absolute best on the red carpet.

“We have one A-lister who’s 28, and she works her ass off, but I want her to come out about CoolSculpting,” says Danny Holbus of DMH Aesthetics. “I went to Barry’s Bootcamp for four years and always had love handles. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do, and that’s what [CoolSculpting’s] for.”

Get tough on your underarm puff with an A-list treatment

The really interesting part of the article is what parts of the body are currently being targeted by the A-list. “I can foresee trends coming, but I never thought women were going to want their upper bra area treated,” said Holbus.

But then again, with the trend for strapless dresses not going away any time soon, it’s understandable that his clients are concerned about ‘underarm puff’. The other main targeted area for this A list treatment– the region above the knees – indicates that clients are finding benefits to CoolSculpting that the practitioners haven’t even spotted yet.

What do the Benefits of CoolSculpting involve?

You’ll start with a consultation, to ensure you’re aware of what’s about to happen, what areas you want to target, and set realistic targets. Then your treatment will consist of the CoolSculpting applicator being applied to the target area and delivering controlled cooling to the unwanted fat.

If you really want to add the finishing touches to your exercise and dieting regime and feel like a celebrity with this A-list treatment, contact Cambridge Clear Beauty for a consultation.

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