In November 2022 Cambridge Clear Beauty relocated to a new purpose built medical aesthetics clinic.

I’m really thrilled at how it’s turned out. What we can offer for our patients. The advantages of coming to a medical aesthetics clinic like Cambridge Clear Beauty is purpose-built we have a CQC approved environment.

Not every patient wants to stay in hospital overnight.

So more and more I can do a number of procedures under local Anaesthetic as an outpatient for them here.

My job is to provide you with information to try and help you address your concerns.

The rest of my job is to make sure that you have time to reflect and that I support you in decision  making to try to achieve your aims individually through you.

So that when you do make a decision you’re confident that you made the right one this kind of a clinic has been my dream for a long time. We now have it.

I’m really excited to be here to be able to offer you all the range of possible non-surgical treatments and surgical treatments that you can have.

Judge for yourself how good it is and what we can do to help you.

medical aesthetics Clinic Cambridge Mr Ahmad in new premises