Welcome to Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic.

Your safety will always come first!

This video highlights the evidence-based measures we have put in place after taking advice from Public Health England and other authorities in light of the present coronavirus pandemic.

We have the latest PPE as directed by national and international guidance; we are proud to be a Covid-Free Space.

  1. When you arrive at Mill Court in Great Shelford where Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic is sited please do stay in your car; we will telephone you to come to the clinic when it is the time of the appointment and we are fully ready for you.
  2. Please do not be offended if we do not let you straight into the clinic from the front entrance. The Clinic is now functioning for safe patient flow with entry into the Clinic at the rear. If you know where to go please come straight to the back door otherwise we will explain to you how to get there.
  3. On reaching the back door we will of course welcome you into the Clinic. You will be asked to place your mask over your face to cover the mouth and nose. If you do not have a mask one will be provided.
  4. We will direct you to our sanitisation station where we have appropriate cleansing products, equipment and if necessary protective wear. We will advise you on using our alcohol based but aloe vera infused and gently scented hand gel. Do give your hands a good clean. If asked to do so please also put on gloves and overshoes as directed.
  5. Minimising time spent in the clinic is best practice at the moment so our waiting room will not be open; we will guide you straight to the clinical treatment room.
  6. Following your appointment or treatment please proceed to the specially marked area in front of our protective screen to discuss your next appointment and to settle any invoices due; please use cards to minimise contact if possible, and please do try to avoid using cash.
  7. Once your appointment has finished please dispose of any protective wear in the box provided and do clean your hands again before exiting the Clinic.

We hope that you have found this video helpful; for more details email or call to ask.

The present circumstances dictate the present policies and protocols but we do hope you will bear with us until the time we can return to more normal practice.

Thank you again