A lot of the media attention directed at CoolSculpting – the only non-invasive fat-reducing treatment approved by America’s FDA – is geared towards the females, but here at Cambridge Clear Beauty we’re seeing a lot of benefits in CoolSculpting for men.

While women have to deal with muffin tops and bingo wings, men have their own areas of stubborn fat that won’t shift – even after strenuous exercise and a strict diet.

Why won’t my fat problems go away?

There’s a simple reason for that: you can’t spot-reduce fat through diet and exercise. When you put on weight, it manifests itself all over the fatty areas of the body. When you lose weight, that reduction is seen in the same places.

Yes, you can focus on certain parts of the body in your gym routine, but you’ll build far more muscle than shed fat, and there will still be parts of your body that refuses to let go of the chubbiness.

So what can CoolSculpting for men do?

In a nutshell, destroy the fat cells in the treated area. This means you can target some of the most difficult areas to trim down in the gym, such as man-boobs, love handles and beer guts.

No surgery is required – CoolSculpting for men a simple procedure that lasts about an hour, with minimal side-effects and no downtime afterwards – and the treated cells are dealt with naturally by the body in a short period of time.

What does CoolSculpting for men involve?

You’ll start with a consultation, to ensure you’re aware of what’s about to happen, what areas you want to target, and set realistic targets. Then your treatment will consist of the CoolSculpting applicator being applied to the target area and delivering controlled cooling to the unwanted fat.

If you really want to add the finishing touches to your exercise and dieting regime, contact Cambridge Clear Beauty for a consultation.