Manual Lymphatic Drainage Post Care Information

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a type of specialised massage that encourages lymph fluid to drain away from the swollen area. Cambridge Clear Beauty provide post care information:

  • After your MLD Treatment you may have an increase in thirst, please drink plenty of water.
  • You are advised to avoid strenuous exercise for the rest of the day, as excessive perspiration could irritate the skin, and leave you dehydrated.
  • Generally exercises such as swimming, aerobics and should also be avoided for the rest of the day.
  • Should you experience any concerns please contact us on the contact details listed below.
  • MLD can be applied as little as 24 Hours post-surgery to help with pain, and swelling. This therapy can also be used for detox and relation purposes.
  • It is safe to have your Treatments when you have drains or garments in place, our Therapist is trained to Treat in the early stages of your recovery.
  • Any Garments and/or padding that can be removed on the day of treatment (unless specified) , will be redressed by the Therapist , as part of Decongested Therapy our Therapist has been specifically trained to manually bandage limbs for oedema reduction and support.
  • MLD Therapy should only be applied by a Qualified and registered therapist , you can check your therapist is by finding them on the MLD UK website.
  • Avoid constipation by keeping well hydrated and by eating a diet containing roughage (fruit and vegetables).
  • Please follow the aftercare set by your Doctor or Surgeon.
  • It is important to complete the course of antibiotics provided, if prescribed by your Doctor.
  • Please refrain from smoking as this prevents good wound healing.
  • Please find time to relax after your Treatments as it does have a mild sedative effect, and promotes deep relaxation
  • Most Importantly, just enjoy the most relaxing experience of MLD Therapy

For more information on Manual Lymphatic Drainage Post Care Information or to book a consultation, call 01223 214 960, or contact our team.