Eyelid surgery (also called an eye lift orblepharoplasty), reduces bagginess from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. In addition, it is also known to be an effective way to improve sight in older people whose sagging upper eyelids get in the way of their vision. Surgery can be undertaken to rejuvenate, lighten and freshen the appearance of tired, sagging or heavy upper eyelids and lower eyelids.

Upper eyelid reduction from £3100

Upper eyelid surgery can be helpful to improve eyes that look tired, heavy or hooded. Excess skin and underlying tissue can be accurately trimmed to help open up the eyes and look younger, more refreshed.

Lower eyelid ‘pinch’ blepharoplasty; from £1200 per eye ‘pinch plus’ blepharoplasty from £3100

These are not as aggressive as a full lower eyelid ‘blepharoplasty’ (as undertaken in hospital) but with very worthwhile improvements for some selected patients.

The simplest procedure is a ‘pinch’ blepharoplasty. The pure ‘pinch’ blepharoplasty can be undertaken as an out patient under local anaesthesia and involves carefully trimming redundant skin and a sliver of muscle under the lower eyelid lashes, and nothing else. As such, only a small amount can be removed otherwise there is a risk of altering the level of the lower eyelid but this technique is all that is needed for some patients.

A lower eyelid ‘pinch plus’ blepharoplasty with Mr Ahmad still involves removal of excess redundant skin and a sliver of muscle but would also involve strengthening and reinforcement of the lower eyelid with a special buried suture (canthopexy), a muscle hitch or both, and can also involve an element of minor cheek lift.

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