Ladies with large heavy pendulous breasts are often Afflicted with a lot of problems. You may get pain in the breasts the weight of the bust might pull on your neck your back your shoulders so you get pain there. The bra straps tend to cut in by the end of the day you might get an effectation of the skin under the fold of the breast and it might lead to a slum to report posture.

So these patients want to have lighter more pert breasts so I will say to you that every breast reduction involves a breast uplift but you also take out the weight of the breast.

The difference between that and the master pexy a master pexy is a breast uplift on its own so in some sense a breast uplift is a very similar operation to a breast reduction. You just don't take any of the breasts out so every breast reduction involves an uplift every uplift is similar but with no breasts taken out.

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