All I want for Christmas… is to look 10 years younger! Here at Cambridge Clear Beauty we can help you achieve just that this Christmas.

With Botox to smooth out those worry lines and dermal fillers to deal with any deeper creases, we’ve got the wrinkles covered, and we can use chemical peels and laser treatments to give your skin a rejuvenating radiance.

Botox could get you wrinkle-free for the Christmas party

Botox, or botulinum toxin to give it its full name, is a particularly flexible treatment which doesn’t require an Anaesthetic. Although the results are not quite immediate (normally it takes about a week) the effects will last approximately 6 to 9 months.

There’s certainly plenty of time to get the treatment in time for the Christmas party season. The procedure has hardly any downtime, although you may notice some mild soreness and bruising in the first couple of days after the treatment.

Also, it is worth noting that botox is a neurotoxin and is a prescription drug so it should only be administered by a qualified medical practitioner such as our own cosmetic plastic surgeon Tariq Ahmad. Time it right and you could easily look 10 years younger in time for the Christmas party.

Get under the surface of ageing skin to look 10 years younger

Whilst chemical peels and laser treatments are a little more invasive and can bring some downtime whilst the resurfacing work on the affected area heals, they are both highly effective treatments for a range of skin issues from sun damage to even some types of acne.

Because both these treatments peel away the old top layer of the skin you can to feel younger and more vital as well as look it.

We know that most people don’t want to change their look, they just want to look the best they can so why not make an appointment with us this holiday season to see how we can rejuvenate you and your skin, leaving you looking 10 years younger.

We’d love to hear your view so do not hesitate to contact us, click here to arrange a consultation with Dr Ahmad, send us an email at [email protected] or Follow our social media channels below on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.


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