Pinnaplasty, also known as Otoplasty is the correction of prominent ears, correcting any irregularities in ear shape and size. If you are considering this popular procedure, take a look at our pinnaplasty discharge advice below…

You will need to sleep upright, well-supported with pillows for 2 weeks following surgery.

  • The head bandage needs to remain in place for the amount of time specified by your Consultant, usually seven to 10 days;
  • Take painkillers as directed, these are usually Paracetamol-based. Please avoid taking any Aspirin-based medication as these can cause bleeding;
  • Stitches used are usually absorbable;
  • Hair can be washed after removal of the head bandage. Please be careful and gentle around the ear area;
  • It is recommended that a protective head band be worn over the ears at night to prevent the ears being bent forward against the pillow for six weeks after surgery;
  • The ears are often a little numb after the operation and this usually takes several weeks to settle;
  • Be careful when taking clothing off over the head not to catch the ears;
  • Please refrain from smoking as this prevents good wound healing;
  • If you are prescribed antibiotics, it is important that you complete the course;
  • Avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks (walking and gently stretching is fine);
  • Avoid contact sports for a minimum of six to eight weeks. It is advisable to wear a protective head band whilst taking part in contact sports in the future;
  • Depending of your job, you should be able to return to work/school within two weeks after the operation;
  • Should you experience undue pain, excessive swelling, redness, hardness, a raised temperature, feel unwell or if your head bandage comes off before the specified length of time it is to be worn, please contact the hospital where you had your procedure, or your Consultant directly if you have been asked to do so.

Are you unhappy with the way your ears look and would you like to know more about pinnaplasty? Contact our team to find out more about our pinnaplasty discharge advice and to book a consultation with Mr Ahmad.