From Botox to fillers, men have finally caught on to what women have long known: time is not forgiving to our faces. Skin sags, wrinkles deepen, spots darken. It happens to everyone, even George Clooney (do we really believe he’s done nothing to pamper his pretty little face?). Consequently, more men are opting for a nonsurgical procedure but not necessarily going under the knife. Why? Because not everyone is ready for a lift (yet), and new tech can permanently tighten and improve the skin without all the fuss.

No one likes pain and discomfort, but from my experience, men are particularly opposed to it. When my husband throws his back out or succumbs to a cold, it’s as if he’s been broken in two or has contracted the plague. Life as he knows it, stops. And life as I know it, becomes unbearable. So when it comes to Botox, fillers or microdermabrasion, my husband takes a hard pass.

But luckily for men (and their partners), there’s this cutting-edge cosmetic nonsurgical procedure that takes about an hour, isn’t painful, and, if anything, may require just a little “social downtime” — meaning that you might spend a weekend indoors, or at least wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses because of slight swelling.

Morpheus8 is like microneedling, but on steroids. And before the word “needle” has you squirming in your seat, remember that “micro” means very, very small. The surgeon uses a wand to apply these itty-bitty needles to the skin, creating microtears (again, imperceptible), stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin — the stuff that makes your face look more youthful (also the stuff time steals away). Nothing foreign is put into the body; it’s just your body doing what it does naturally: repairing itself.

What makes Morpheus8 more than your run-of-the-mill microneedling procedure is the radiofrequency that is transmitted via each (teeny-tiny) needle, allowing the treatment to penetrate deeper below the skin and deliver more powerful results – results which continue to build over the course of about four months.

When I tell my husband about Morpheus8, he has a hard time buying what I’m selling as if real results can only come from suffering. Alas, this is not true. Yes, building muscle, earning a promotion, and winning a race all take work. But that’s the magic of Morpheus8 — it’s like Father Time, turning back the clock with a just wave of the wand.

For more information on Morpheus8 contact Cambridge Clear Beauty.

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