Oxygenetix – Oxygenating Foundation

https://youtu.be/kTTh4iVkkF0 Oxygenetix make up This is a very unique product, so many different colours you will be able to find the most amazing and perfect colour match for your skin…

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Obagi – Hydrate Facial Moisturiser

https://youtu.be/Ug8yGedHp7gThis is a very unique product, I’m surprised but it is suitable for all skin types ! Dry and oily skin can use the same product ,the feedback from patients…

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Obagi – Pro-C Suncare

https://youtu.be/lKWSy_LQPXIIt may not be sunny but UVA (Aging rays) and UVB (burning rays) can still penetrate through glass! The biggest contributor to extrinsic ageing is the effect of radiation from…

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Order of Application – Skincare Routine

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Right now you could be wasting money on skincare products by stopping them from doing their job properly. How? The order of application. When you are spending money on skincare…

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Lockdown Skin Routine

At Cambridge Clear Beauty we know you want to look and feel amazing. We are here to post regular content to help you get better skin and feel great during…

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