With a unique understanding of skin structure, Obagi Treatments designed it’s first device, Skintrinsiq™, to elevate the delivery of its clinically proven products to new levels.

Most treatments take less than 30 minutes, so you can get back to your busy life with the added confidence that proven Obagi® products are activated and working to keep your skin looking firm and vibrant.

The innovative technology of the Skintrinsiq™ device is backed by over 35 years of medical skincare expertise from Obagi® and takes your skincare to the next level!

Obagi Treatments – What is Obagi Skintrinsiq?

How does Skintrinsiq work?

The Skintrinsiq™ device extracts debris and impurities, then infuses Obagi’s proven skincare exactly where it’s needed most.

Pneumatic technology gently lifts your skin to open channels into its surface layers. The Skintrinsiq device extracts impurities to deeply cleanse your skin and then infuses proven Obagi® products through those open channels.

When the vacuum is removed, the channels close to lock the products into your skin so they will continue to work after your treatment is over.

Accelerate your skin transformation by using Skintrinsiq to take Obagi® skincare results to the next level!

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