Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturiser is a very unique product, I’m surprised but it is suitable for all skin types !
Dry and oily skin can use the same product, the feedback from patients is remarkable, everyone loves it, myself included.
The skin is left feeling incredibly smooth, not sticky and provides optimal hydration without feeling greasy.

Dispense one pump from the bottle and apply to full face, can also be used on the neck and chest.
Apply after cleansing and before sunscreen.
Avoid eyes.
Massage into dry skin until the product has been completely absorbed.

Lynsey’s Tips
Massage in upwards motions never pull or drag the skin fibres of your face down, we want them to stay up!
Remember to moisturise your earlobes, they are often forgotten.

Obagi Hydrate Facial Moisturiser benefits:
Suitable for all skin types!
Uses a blend of natural skin conditioning derivates such as avocado an shea butter.
Uses humectants such as glycerin.
Pump application packaging disperses the correct amount of product.
Attracts water outwards from the dermis to the stratum corneum.
Smooth texture that absorbs easily.
fragrance free.

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