Non-surgical aesthetics treatments are booming. Lips come in first for popularity, but quickly climbing this popularity scale is the nose job.
This non-permanent solution is often the first step for many men and women considering the surgical procedure – or even not all all. Many clients come back every 6-8 months to have the procedure topped up or re-done.
It is no wonder that the bookings are through the roof for this treatment, as the results are quick to see in an instant. The procedure is done with a needle, this can be done in half an hour using topical aesthetic for minimum discomfort and pain.
Your aesthetics practitioner can advise the best route for you, but this treatment can change your nose entirely. The minimal downtime allows for a fabulously easy procedure that attracts people of all ages.
The only things to be careful of are: 
Cleansing and rubbing your nose with force
Wearing glasses or sunglasses for extended periods of time.
Blowing your nose with force.
.. for the first week or two, in order to let the filler settle where your practitioner has placed it.
Have you considered the non-surgical nose job? Let us know!

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