We’re fast approaching the end of the year and the never-ending carousel of parties and functions – but are you ready to fit into those dresses? Maybe CoolSculpting can help.

With the current trend veering towards strapless dresses, even the most toned of us are experiencing unsightly bulges in places we’d rather not have them – and as the endless photos of celebs displaying underarm-chub confirm, it’s not always easy to carry off the latest styles, no matter how good you’ve been in the gym and the kitchen.

Baby, it’s cold inside

Here’s where CoolSculpting can help – the revolutionary non-invasive treatment for stubborn fat – comes into its own. It’s not a quick-fix fat reduction procedure, like liposuction: it’s for people who already take care of themselves through a healthy diet and regular exercise who find there are certain areas that refuse to let go of stubborn fat, like muffin tops and bingo wings.

Instead of sucking fat out, it hones in on problem areas with incredible precision, destroys the fat cells by freezing them, and then hands the job over to your body’s natural metabolic functions to flush them out safely and effectively. And once gone, problematic fat cells don’t come back.

Finish the year in shape and in style with CoolSculpting

Because people usually see results after three weeks or so, with the full effect occurring a couple of months after treatment, now is the time to discover the benefits of CoolSculpting just in time for party season.

And if you’re already thinking about your New Year resolutions and how you’d like to look in 2017, and there’s a particular part of your body you want to shape, or you want to find out more about what CoolSculpting can do for you, now’s the time to book a consultation.

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