Beautician Or Doctor Preparing Female Patient For Anti Ageing procedure

Another year has gone by which unfortunately other than a year wiser and more experienced in life, it also means a year older.

People’s way of seeing, accepting and perceiving the ageing have changed vastly over the past few decades. In the not so distant past, most people simply accepted ageing as an inevitable and non avoidable process. Nonetheless, nowadays people are more actively and deliberately fighting against this natural process with a variety of natural and other remedies and treatments and anti-ageing trends. 

It’s not just the older generations though that want to look and feel younger as the need to feel and look healthy is now dominant in many younger generations who are actively seeking to change their lifestyles and extend their lifespans.

Other than the common skin care treatments that are always popular (and now more than ever), many people are willing to spend more money and time to minimise ageing or at least delay the process and its “visual” effects. There are a number of signs you start to notice as you age – loss of volume, dull and discoloured tone, sagging skin – but usually the first and most unwelcome change are the wrinkles that form, particularly around the eyes and between the brows.

So let’s have a look at 3 popular treatments people are going for in 2020 and gained momentum in the final months of the previous year.


Dermal filler treatments are among the hottest trends in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation and plastic surgery. This year the shift seems to be towards having facial balance and therefore, the lips will be sized in proportion to the rest of the face as well as the “less is more” trend. Due to this, lips that are unnaturally full and big are no longer the in thing and instead, people are looking to just work on the definition of their mouth

Laser Resurfacing

The facial treatment known as laser resurfacing is a common process used to correct common skin issues such as facial wrinkles and acne scars.

Using a laser, skin is removed gradually, a layer at a time. The two commonly used lasers are non-ablative and ablative.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

All anti-wrinkle treatments performed by our clinic and Dr Ahmad are to protect, maintain and enhance the physical and mental well-being of her patients .Juvederm Facial Filler: Made of a hyaluronic acid gel, Juvederm is a naturally-occurring substance in the skin that contributes to volume and hydration. Juvederm is designed to temporarily correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Juvederm is made by Allergan, the same makers of Botox.

The major growth drivers for this market are the growing ageing population and increasing awareness about the advantages of using anti-ageing products. Emerging trends, which have a direct impact on the dynamics of the anti-ageing industry, include integration of alphabetic formulation in anti-ageing products, increasing usage of multi functioning anti-ageing products, and rising demand for natural and organic ingredients in anti-ageing products.

At Cambridge Clear Beauty we have an array of safe and highly effective Juvederm anti-ageing treatments to help you turn back time, including Anti-Wrinkle Treatments and dermal fillers, that are capable of tackling the visible signs of facial ageing and achieving an all-over skin rejuvenation. Our medical director is a leading cosmetic surgeon and is able to offer impartial, expert advice on the procedure guaranteed to deliver the results you’re hoping for.

Cambridge Clear Beauty are constantly working to achieve the highest standards, by offering cutting edge treatments and using only reputable, highly regarded pharmaceutical suppliers such as Juvederm for our facial filler products.

If you are interested in any of the above or perhaps one of our other treatments, take a look at the surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures we offer. You are then more than welcome to also contact us and arrange a consultation so as to establish the perfect treatment for you and have all information and details fully disclosed to you prior to your surgery.

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